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Pamela Fagan Hutchins | I married a man who’s really a woman.

Or so says the U.S. Passport Office.  And they’re with the government.  So who am I to believe, my husband or the feds?  I mean, the government is here to help and they’re always telling the truth, right?

"I kissed a girl and I liked it." (thanks, Katy Perry) FYI, you're looking for the F on the right, 2/3 of the way down. Instead of the M, which is what Eric contends it should have said.

I’m thinking of sending them a picture to prove he has outdoor plumbing.  But, shouldn’t they already know that from the security scan at the airport?



p.s.  This brings to mind Kenny Chesney and Renee Zellweger’s short-lived marriage that ended in annulment based on fraud.  Could that have been nothing more than a simple passport error, too?

p.p.s. Fear not: Eric has convinced the government to update his passport and declare him male.  I didn’t ask what he had to do to prove gender to the government.  It just kinda leaves me with an unsettled feeling…

p.p.p.s. All you PS gurus will be able to tell…I altered his current passport to tell this story…he got rid of the evidence so fast when he discovered the “F” versus “M” error that I couldn’t catch it on photo…I cannot tell a lie…but this story is 100% true.

p.p.p.p.s Heidi Dorey sent me this photo of Eric.  I think it explains alot…

Not only was he a woman, but he had a tiny head.

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50 Responses to I married a man who’s really a woman.

  1. You are too funny, Pamela. As soon as I saw the title of this post I knew I was in for one fantastic read. Be sure to milk this for all you can and give Eric a few jabs for me as well.


  2. Well I brought up your blog, calmly took a big old gulp of Diet Pepsi(while reading, cause I’m all about multi-tasking) and promptly spewed it out on the keyboard, screen, etc, etc. I don’t know why this struck me as hilarious, but for some reason, it did. Just really glad you both decided Not to take the government’s word for it.


  3. I am cracking up over this. Oh, and checking my passport.

  4. love this. “photo of his outdoor plumbing.” ROFLMAO!!!

  5. Lindsay says:

    Wow. I didn’t know the government ACTUALLY revokes Man Cards. Did you take him to see Twilight or something?

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  7. Eric Hutchins says:

    Pretty funny standing in the immigration line at the Mumbai, India airport. And the agent is literally taking 10 minutes, looking at me, looking down at the passport, back at me, back at the passport, then goes and gets his supervisor, who does the same thing, all without saying one word to me.

    My co-workers long since passed through the system, wondering what I did….
    That was fun. NOT.

    • Pamela says:

      And they still love to tell this story.
      I crack up thinking about all those Indian men checking you out, wondering if they’re going to have to “check you out”.

  8. Irene says:

    Maybe he’s a lesbian stuck in a man’s body.

  9. Rebecca Nolen says:

    Have I got a link for you, Eric!

    It’s got a little of everything for the man/woman to enjoy!

  10. Khara says:

    Hillarious! Your poor husband. Haha.

  11. Ally says:

    That really is hilarious. Thinking of being in a foreign airport while they continually check you out and say nothing… never wracking, I’m sure, but hilarious now. (At least for us readers. Sorry Eric.) But of course, now I’m curious, how DO you prove your gender to the government???

  12. Michele says:

    Hmm…perhaps I should check John’s passport since he regularly has been receiving mail for Ms. John Matney?!?

  13. LBDDiareis says:

    Ahhh! I feel better. I’ve had my Morning Hutchins Laugh Fest to begin my day. Thank you! I wonder if this is like men who have been used to wearing tool belts so their hand is always resting on the belt – and when they don’t have the belt on, their hand is still resting – in the air – giving them a sort of, umm, err – fey look. I used to wonder. Didn’t think to check the passport. Do you think it might have saved a lot of… heartache? Miss Understanding? Problems with who wears what in the closet? And why did she make him a blonde? I mean, look at the chest and arm hair. Let us strive for a little realism here. Everyone KNOWS Eric has better taste than that!

  14. Eric Hutchins says:

    I really don’t like Heidi.

  15. Eric Hutchins says:

    Yeah but Heidi, you have her in touch with her dark side.

  16. Heidi says:

    Yeah, you got me there. 😉

  17. Shannon says:

    Too funny!

    My husband’s first name is Tracy, but he goes by his middle name (Shane). You wouldn’t believe how many pieces of mail are addressed to MS./MRS./MISS Tracy Rogers.

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  19. rtcrita says:

    Well, at least if you ever want sex and he’s not in the mood, you can simply say, “I need you to prove to me, right now, that you’re really a man. …and I mean, RIGHT NOW!”

  20. LBDDiareis says:

    Now listen you, I don’t care that you have a live Christmas tree. Do you hear me??? I.Do. Not. Care. OK? OK! Do I protest too much? Well, ok, maybe I am a wee bit envious. I am battling dangly things and you have a live one, AND a hubby who can change his looks so wonderfully well. I could never get Leland in a blonde wig… unless Heidi…??? Hmmm. Nah, you’re right, “Because life would be no fun to be with the most wondrous men in the world without a little bit of drama.” Then again, I wouldn’t be having drama, I’d be dead and 6 feet under. Eric is a brave brave man. All out there in his prom dress and blonde wig. Whatta guy! (heh heh heh)

  21. Nikkolish says:

    Hilarious! While I’ve never seen him in person, the pictures you have posted (prom dress pic excluded) definitely scream “man!” to me. How completely hysterical that the Indian immigration workers were that confused! Glad he got it all straightened out…and without you sharing pics of his plumbing. Or at least that you know of. =]

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  23. Christina says:

    I really need to start blogging about Josh more …

  24. Daria says:

    LOL – The post is hilarious! I love it. I hope they do not tell me I’m a man. I think my husband may have something to say about that… :) Thank you very much for sharing!

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