50,000 words in 30 days. Who's in?

Y’all, Nanowrimo 2010 starts November 1st and runs through the 30th.  50,000 words in 30 days.  I’m in.  Please comment with your username if you are participating, so that we can be buddies.  My name, you guessed it, is PAMELOT.  Feel free to buddy me, too.  I’ll put a counter on the blog so you can see the word count slowly rise.

This is my third Nano.  I wrote Going for Kona (the crappy first draft) in 2008, set it aside, wrote Leaving Annalise in 2009, and now I am going to write the last 2/3 of Conceding Grace in 2010.  I am also entering Going for Kona and Leaving Annalise, both after multiple rewrites, into competitions with due dates the last week in November.  And I will keep Eric, the kids, and the day job. Because I have toJust kidding. The triathlon training may have to sit in the back of the class for a month.  Anyway, November will be hard for me.

Here on Road to Joy, I’ll post some photo essays (I got a camera!  I got a real camera!), some novel excerpts, and posts from some top-secret guest bloggers! :)  I won’t spoil those surprises, yet.  I’ll pop in with fresh words, sleep deprived and cranky, from time to time, too.

If you would like to contribute a guest post for November, please contact me at pamela@pamelahutchins.com, and I will be your best friend, forever.  And ever.  I promise.  For those of you to whom I have already promised best friendship, please, sit down, be quiet, you’re still my best friend, too.

Wish me luck!


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17 Responses to November 2010: Nano Nano

  1. LBDDiaries says:

    50,000 words in 30 days – 1666.6 words a day – well oh my gosh – when will you eat? Sleep? Wow – you are one brave woman. I wish I could join you but I am still *big huff* unpacking. I cannot believe the amount of junk I have unpacked – and am sending out the door. It’s not bad stuff – it just doesn’t fit this house and I don’t want to hang on to it. I KNOW! I can’t believe I said that, either. ME, an original pack-rat – letting stuff go – woo hippy!! I will commit to writing every day – just can’t promise 50,000 by end of month. I will post a counter, too, just to at least see how many I got written!

  2. Heidi Dorey says:

    I’m In. Have you buddied me yet?
    I still haven’t worked on my outline so I’m really wingin’ it.
    And uh, what’s with the monkey?

    • Pamela says:

      I buddied ya.
      I winged it in years 1 and 2 as well. And it is working out pretty good for me. I have faith in you.
      And I’m making Eric read The Contract. I told him all about it.

  3. Rhonda says:

    I’ve already buddied you. I have done absolutely NOTHING to prepare for this adventure except whine to my husband that I don’t have any idea what to write about. I’m giving wingin’ it a whole new meaning. But I’m in! I hope I don’t embarrass myself. :)

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  5. Wow, this is going to be an exciting month for you. I am looking forward to all 50,000 words….and the pictures as well. Good luck, Pamela.


  6. Eric Hutchins says:

    Fat and desperate is something Pamela will never be, However, there will be a lot of pent up energy!

    GO BABY GO, lets hear that keypad clickin.

  7. I think I told you I attempted it last year and failed miserably. With surgery looming, I doubt I’ll do it, but I may start something afterwards….I dunno. I just don’t like the deadlines and word counts. They scare me.


    • Pamela says:

      For some people, the counter freezes their brain. You have to do what works for your creative process. For me, pressure works. And it is fun to do it at the same time as friends. But I totally get that it has the opposite affect on many creative types. And the last thing an artist needs is to fail and take a hit to the already staggerly poor self esteem, right? 😉

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