I swear this one is true:

One night, sexy Bubba-mon donned his “mating call” red very-briefs (surprisingly, his Ironman undies are not his garment of choice for amore), and dashed to the bathroom, giving his beloved a few moments to still her beating heart.  He came back out around the corner, stopped for a moment to flash the light on and off while he struck a few freeze-frame poses designed to put her in the mood (to laugh), and then leaped into bed.

This was not a night for subtlety!

Bubba-mon wrapped his woman in his arms, and she responded gratifyingly by putting her right hand on his gorgeous left bun.  Bubba-mon became even more enthusiastic but soon thereafter noticed a change come over his lady.

“Mi bonita, cual es tu problema????” he asked.  (I don’t know why he spoke in Spanish, but just go with the story, folks)

Silence, a giggle.

He felt a strange sensation as something seemed to be drawn upward out of the back of his mating call trunks.  He turned on the light.

With a grin, his wife pulled the rest of the toilet paper gently out of the back of his drawers and handed it to him.

Now that’s what I call junk in the trunk.



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12 Responses to Captain Underpants Strikes Again

  1. Eric Hutchins says:

    Once again I feel it necessary to remind the casual reader that on Pamela’s blog things did not necessarily occur as they were written and that truth is not an essential element in writing blogs :).

  2. Christina says:

    Not a morning to run out of coffee! Reading that sans caffeine? Yikes!

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  4. Ally says:

    You know I had to click from the current post… and then be really glad I didn’t have a mouth full of coffee as I started reading that! LOL!!

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