Times 22. But with fins and tails.

Congratulations to Clark, the ADHD Wonder Kid, for surviving another year…

In honor of his birthday, enjoy the best of the Clark Chronicles:

Lacrosse Gloves Make Sense to Me

“I love you but I’ll have to kill you now,” she said.

Truth or Consequences

That Boy is My Heart (guest post on the ADHD Momma’s blog)

Confessions of a Guilt-Stricken Mom (Top post of all time on Road to Joy)


I’m pretty sure this is inappropriate.

The other stuff in Clark’s room besides the swimsuit magazine under the mattress.

Have a great weekend,


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5 Responses to The Best of the Clark Chronicles: Happy 15th, Clark!

  1. nat says:

    ( Mom, please pass this message along to Clark and congratulations to you. I know this day fifteen years ago took lots of getting through! – One Love!)

    Happy Birthday from Saint Croix, Clark!

    We miss you and want you to know you can always come and visit your Aunt Natalie and family!

    A big hug to the boy becoming a young man!

    Keep up the good work.

    • Pamela says:

      Will do, Natalie. You are a schweetie! Definitely one of all of our favorite people at la Hacienda de Clark, Pamelot & Bubba-mon. (I’d mention Betty Bi-Polar and our resident Serial Killer but those are upcoming blogs about Sami and Michelle, so I shouldn’t give it away completely yet).

  2. Eric says:

    It has been amazing to watch the changes to Clark becoming someone that is interesting to talk to, funny without being annoying, and gaining self confidence every day.
    This is going to be a good year for Clark.

  3. […] guess the take-away for me after 15 years of being Clark’s mom is “love them hard and trust yourself.”  They may even sort the rest of it out […]

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